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Iron Yoga Poses – printable

My first printable!

Earlier this year, I was teaching a class at FitZone Plus in Toronto where we did poses with hand weights.  Resistance training is a great enhancement to your workout routine, and improving muscle tone becomes increasingly important as you age. Iron Yoga also allows you to use the weights to go a little deeper into the poses. Another person in my network, my incredibly talented friend Emily at Arnold Street Media took some really cool pictures of me doing yoga poses with some hand weights, and put the sequence together on a page so you can do this at your gym, or anywhere you happen to be. If you don’t have some small weights at your disposable, soup cans or water bottles can work great. Isn’t it awesome!

Try to hold each pose for 5 slow yogic breaths, inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose.



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Iron Yoga – Printable Workout Guide  (PDF)