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Vegan Spotlight: Vegan | Thali

As a vegan, restaurant menus and lunch dates can be tricky to navigate. Although most vegans I know don’t complain, and can always find something on a menu that they can eat, variety is the spice of life, and vegans deserve it outside of their kitchens too!

This month’s vegan spotlight is all about the authentically delicious restaurant known as Vegan | Thali:

From their famous corn soup, to their Thali plate filled with a variety of afro-Caribbean vegan dishes, Vegan | Thali is the place to go if you’re looking for a flavourful exotic meal!

vega i thali 2

Located on the Danforth, this restaurant is fully vegan, meaning you’ll have to warn your omnivorous relatives before you make a reservation. But the jerk & BBQ tofu, rice and peas, Rasta pasta, and curried chickpeas will certainly have them rethinking their choice of eating meat all the time!

For dessert, treat yourself to a sweet plantain, a dish that the restaurant cheekily calls “fried slices of heaven.”

Heaven isn’t a far off comparison, in fact, I guarantee that this place will be any vegans dream come true!

Bon appetite!


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