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Vegan Spotlight: Tim Hortons

As a vegan, restaurant menus and lunch dates can be tricky to navigate. Although most vegans I know don’t complain, and can always find something on a menu that they can eat, variety is the spice of life, and vegans deserve it outside of their kitchens too!

This month’s vegan spotlight is all about the famous Canadian restaurant chain known as Tim Hortons:

Locations of the iconic Canadian fast food restaurant Tim Hortons can be found just about anywhere, and that is why I am one of the many vegans thrilled about their new Beyond Meat sausage.

tim hortons


100% plant-based, the delicious brekkie sausage is the perfect protein-rich option for vegans on the go! There are 3 Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich options on the menu, 2 vegetarian and one truly vegan, and have a hearty snack that will satisfy all your cravings!


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