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Vegan Spotlight: Boon Burger Café

As a vegan, restaurant menus and lunch dates can be tricky to navigate. Although most vegans I know don’t complain, and can always find something on a menu that they can eat, variety is the spice of life, and vegans deserve it outside of their kitchens too!

This month’s vegan spotlight is all about the lively eatery known as Boon Burger Café:

With locations across Ontario and Manitoba, Boon Burger Café is simply a staple for anyone currently seeking out the perfect hearty vegan burger to warm them in this winter chill!

This wonderful restaurant is committed to offering 100% cruelty-free and plant-based food options for people who just can’t shake their burger hankering!

boon burger 2

In addition, sustainability is one of Boon Burger Café’s core missions. All their cups and straws are fashioned from biodegradable cornstarch and all their waste is compostable and recyclable.

boon burger

What are you waiting for? Hop in the car and head over to Boon Burger Café to indulge in a delicious meal that prioritizes food integrity!

Learn more about their locations here.


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