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Vegan Spotlight: BKK

As a vegan, restaurant menus and lunch dates can be tricky to navigate. Although most vegans I know don’t complain, and can always find something on a menu that they can eat, variety is the spice of life, and vegans deserve it outside of their kitchens too!

This month’s vegan spotlight is all about the delectable Thai restaurant, BKK:

Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in Toronto due to its excellent spices and unique dishes! With a dedicated vegan menu aimed to ensure all vegans are happy dining at their many locations, BKK surely knows how to please!

bkk soup


I’m so delighted to have discovered this amazing spot to indulge in veggie spring rolls, tofu lemongrass soup, and veggie pad Thai to my hearts content! Plus, the mango sticky rice for dessert is to die for.


bkk food

Run, don’t walk to your nearest BKK! Trust me you won’t regret it!


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