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Top Tips to Ease the Transition to Vegan

Going Vegan? Congratulations! There are a wide variety of reasons why people choose to adopt a cruelty-free plant-based lifestyle, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re looking to take the leap towards cleaner eating!

For some, the transition towards veganism can feel daunting. But there’s no need to fret! Here are some of my top tips to ease the transition and stick to your new vegan lifestyle:


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· Focus on the new foods and recipes you’re excited to start making

· Start by committing for one month at minimum to make sure you stick it out in the beginning and feel the effects of your healthy diet

· Start eating vegan in increments. For example, during week one, begin switching to dairy-free alternatives. During week two, you can introduce new protein sources, and so on!

· Veganize your favourite recipes

· When cravings hit, stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed by reminding yourself to go “one day at a time”

· Keep healthy vegan snacks on hand at all times

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Happy meal planning!


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