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The Self-Care Arsenal to prepare you for winter

After this weeks’ blistering snowstorm, it appears that winter has unfortunately arrived earlier than expected! While a fresh snowfall can make your town look like a winter wonderland, cold weather also has its downsides. People report higher instances of fatigue this time of year, which can make it challenging to find the motivation to engage in things they otherwise typically enjoy.

Don’t let the cold zap your energy this year. Here are my ingredients for the perfect self-care arsenal to prepare you for winter:

cozy 1

1. Epsom salts for soothing baths

2. Essential oil diffuser

3. Warming tea blends such as ginger-based teas

4. Long Johns

5. New journal

6. Soy-hand poured candles

7. Acupressure mat

8. Heating pad for any aches and pains

9. Mood enhancing lamp

10. Aromatherapy room spray

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Stay warm out there everyone!


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