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The Healing Powers of Pigeon Pose

In our modern society, we spend a lot of our time sitting. While our ancestors would have to travel by foot to arrive at whatever destination they were visiting, we have the luxury of being able to travel in speedy automobiles and on efficient public transit systems. Additionally, it doesn’t help that for many people, working stagnated at a desk all day is the norm.

Due to this reality, I often notice a lot of tension in the bodies of my students, specifically in their hip flexors. Luckily, hip opening postures such as pigeon pose, although at times difficult to ease into, can be immensely beneficial in unsticking the hips.



This is due to the fact that the pose stretches both the hip rotators and flexors. In fact, many of my students report that consistently practicing pigeon pose has lead them to find deeper levels of flexibility in their bodies.

Plus, some people even claim to experience an emotional release when easing into the position, interesting isn’t it?

What are your experiences with pigeon pose? Share with me in the comments!


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