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The Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga

Yoga has been a guiding force for so many people on the planet for hundreds of years. One of the greatest things about yoga is its “go at your own pace” attitude designed to encourage the yogi to move in tune with his or her body, ignoring outside forces and doing what feels right for them.

There are so many types of yoga, from yin to hatha, and so many different ways to practice it, such as aerial or SUP.

One of the most popular types of yoga, however, is hot yoga – practiced in a heated room. Thinking of trying a class? Allow me to delve into the benefits hot yoga:

hot yoga 2

· It can promote flexibility

· The extra sweating enables detoxification

· It promotes weight loss

· It allows you to stay mindful through the heightened physical circumstances

· It has been shown to reduce stress and boost your mood

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