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Soothing Teas to Sip this Fall

For centuries, humans have reaped the numerous health benefits of drinking tea. While North Americans are partial to coffee, many people all across the globe choose tea as their daily beverage instead. Caffeinated or not, tea truly is a special treat you can have each day and not feel the least bit guilty.

With the cold weather beginning to rear its head our way, tea is the perfect way to soothe ourselves! Here are some of the top teas you can sip on this fall:



· Ginger lemon

· Echinacea

· Chamomile (in the evenings, as it is very relaxing)

· Chai

· Chaga mushroom

· Cinnamon tea (great for sore throats!)

· Peppermint tea (wonderful for digestion)

· Orange pekoe


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