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Scorpion Pose 101

As a yoga teacher, I’ve found immense pleasure in delving into and expanding my knowledge about the practice. From adopting the yogic principles into my everyday life, to studying each pose for all that they have to offer – yoga is my inspiration.

Therefore, each month on the blog I’ll be giving you a taste of what you need to know about a specific pose, in the hopes that my writing will help strengthen and motivate your practice:

This month I’m going to be talking about Scorpion Pose:

scorpion 2

Physical Benefits:

· Builds stability and strength in your arms, shoulders, and back

· Provides a heart opening stretch to your neck, chest, and abs

· Detoxifies your kidneys and adrenal glands

· Boosts stamina

· Improves circulation

Mental Benefits:

· Improves focus due to its balancing nature

Please note, this is a fairly challenging pose. Props can be really helpful to get the benefits of the pose with a bit more support.

Try using some bolsters:

scorpion with bolster



Or a chair, or wall when you are getting started. Remember, it’s a journey.

scorpion with chair



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