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How to Veganize your BBQ

With warm summery days finally upon us, we can now all officially celebrate: BBQ season has arrived! BBQ parties are one of the best ways to connect to your friends, family, and neighbours. For vegans – those sunny afternoons that bleed into perfect humid evenings can be the highlight of your summer if you know how to play things right!

While so many people still view barbecuing as an activity that primarily involves meat, vegans don’t need to be left out of the equation. Here are some of the top ways to veganize your BBQ:

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1. Veggie burgers and dogs

2. Jackfruit

3. BBQ tofu

4. Cauliflower steaks

5. Grilled eggplant

6. Grilled pineapple

7. Potato salad – here’s a yummy recipe perfect to bring for your next pot luck or BBQ

What are your favourite vegan BBQ eats?


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