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How to Practice Fitness without a Gym

There are a plethora of reasons why some people don’t enjoy going to the gym. From public showering, to waiting your turn for your favourite machine, to simply feeling on display – as great as it is, the gym has its list of downfalls.

More and more people have been choosing to forego their gym memberships in favour of getting their daily workout in within the comfort of their own homes! Here’s how you can continue your workout routine without having to leave the house:



1. Use your Surroundings: Who needs a Stairmaster when you have an actual staircase in your home?

2. Yoga: The beauty of yoga is that all you need to do it is yourself. Unroll your mat anywhere in your home and watch one of my instructional yoga videos to really feel the stretch!

3. Buy a DVD: If you’re looking to really break a sweat, why not purchase a wonderful workout DVD?

And when it’s all said and done, you can luxuriate in your nice shower without worrying about waiting for one to become available at the gym!

How do you like to exercise at home?


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