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How Props can assist your Yoga Practice

From the outside looking in, yoga can sometimes appear intimidating. But to quell any misconceptions, you absolutely don’t need to be able to contort your body into a pretzel shape to reap the benefits of this mindful practice!

One of the ways in which yoga can be modified to become more accessible for beginners is through the use of props.


So what are yoga props? Well, they can be any of the following:

· Blocks

· Straps

· Blankets

· Bolsters

· Sandbags

· Eye pillows

One of the main reasons I encourage my students to use props is because they help tailor your practice directly to your body to achieve proper alignment without the struggle. They all have a wide variety of uses too!

Blocks can help you achieve the postures that your body might not naturally want to reach, straps can help with stretching, bolsters assist you in heart opening positions, and that’s just the beginning!

I always encourage my students to do what feels right for their personal yoga journey, never push themselves too hard, and truly align with their breath and relaxation during practice, three things in which props only encourage!


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