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Going Vegan? How to Ease the Transition into your new Lifestyle

For those considering making the transition to a vegan diet, the lifestyle change can feel overwhelming. The idea of drastically changing the way you eat and live can feel daunting to some, however, going vegan isn’t all that difficult if you’ve got the knowledge necessary to make it a smooth transition.

The following are two strategies that helped me when I was initially embracing the vegan lifestyle:

Don’t Jump the Gun

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Becoming vegan involves shifting your thinking around many aspects of your life. When it comes to switching to a vegan diet, you can begin by adding vegan staples into your meals before you completely eliminate animal products from your plate. For instance, if you’re a dairy lover, begin by trying out different types of alternatives such as almond, soy, or coconut milk based products.

Find your Inspiration

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For many people, the decision to go vegan comes after one finds the motivation to forego their prior diet and lifestyle and embrace truly wholesome nutrition. It is highly important for those on this healthful path to truly reflect on the reasons they were inspired to go vegan. The reasoning behind this is that when you have your first major craving for ice cream, meat, or baked goods, you can remind yourself why you made the choice to adopt veganism into your life and kick your craving to the curb.

Are you a vegan? How did you initially embrace your vegan lifestyle?


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