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At-Home Practice vs. Studio Practice

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The space in which you do yoga is sacred. The room can have a major impact on your ability to relax and truly surrender to the present moment. While some people prefer to participate in yoga classes at a local studio, others find themselves yearning for the solitude that comes with practicing at home.

Why would someone choose either or? Here are some of the benefits of practicing yoga at a studio and at home:

At-Home Practice:

· Gives you the freedom to plan your own sequences

· You can easily move at your own pace

· Privacy and solitude

· Complete control over the ambiance of the room


Studio Practice:

· Encourages you to try new postures

· Teachers can help you with your alignment

· You can socialize with fellow yogis before and after class

· Teachers guide the practice so you can be fully present

Which type of yoga practice do you prefer?


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